Spring is here ♥

20 April 2008

What a beautiful day today...
End it with an awesome night out on the patio..

Here are the candles that lit the night:

Probably the reason I stay up too late....

17 April 2008

Crafty goodness ♥

I've been loving this weather lately!! Going outside A LOT.

So the other day, I was strolling through Winners and some home decorating store with my friend when I stumbled across these candle holders:

I've seen them many times before, but this time they intrigued me. Since my friend loves crafts and knows how to do a lot of mosaic stuff, I asked her if she could make this... dumb question.. she's a genius. We proceeded to Michael's where we bought the necessary supplies, and off we went back to her house and started on this project. She wanted to experiment with something new... but I found a pic of it that already exists!

Things you should know:
Glueing glass pieces onto glass cannot be done with white glue, tacky glue, or crazy glue. YOU MUST USE A HOT GLUE GUN.

Glueing onto rounded surfaces isn't as easy as it may seem. Good luck!

STAY TUNED FOR THE FINAL PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!! It needed to dry and be cleaned off and I had to scoot off to work!


15 April 2008