take me back, take me back

10 January 2008

No, this isn't a plea to anyone. Ha! Puh-lease.
I've been reminiscing. It's fascinating to rediscover yourself through your old junk. I recently got my room painted, rearranged the furniture and de-cluttered. Yes, finally. It's starting to feel like tranquility is taking over my room. I kind of miss the old look, but this will be just as wonderful, if not better.
I found journals. Journals! Words and thoughts that I had in my head at strange times in my life. Damn. I wrote some good shit. But it's helping me learn what I've been doing wrong. I've been sabotaging certain aspects of my life that I thought were out of my control. Turns out, I have more control than I thought. Rad.
Also sad because I may have missed out on things that I shouldn't have. Oh well.
So, as it stands right now, I am a new girl.
I wrote this crazy list of things I wanted to get done - well guess what? I've done a bunch of them! I must have written this a long time ago, because getting a tattoo was on the list and I don't really think I want one of those. But a long time ago, I wanted everything -- tattoos, piercings, hair colours, etc. I'm ok with the way my skin looks for now. :) We'll see how I feel.
I was in a daze yesterday -- I took care of a 15 year old and a 4 year old with cancer. It hurt my heart. Why, why, why should it happen to such little people?
That is all for now.. must get back to organizing my stuff. Tomorrow is homework day. oh my.
Maybe I'll make a new list.. a more mature one :)
Sweet dreams.