the secret

06 January 2008

about to embark in the hype of 'the secret' - book edition, not movie. as with almost every book-turned-into-movie, i prefer to know the book first.. the movie will most likely ruin the quality of the book.
learning how to create a joyful life? ha! kind of pathetic if you ask me, but i like to be pathetic sometimes to see if there is anything to learn. to be continued...

driving makes me think. driving to and from work is the most wonderfully dull 20 minutes each and every day. i have lots of open road and field to look at. whoop de doo. so i listen to a lot of music and radio.
today i thought about the fine sport of extreme pumpkin growing. Yes, it does exist. There are people in the world who devote themselves to pump-ing their pump-kins (heyyy) full of steroids or something to make the biggest, baddest, orange - uhhhh... fruit or vegetable???. i think it's a fruit - it has seeds.. wicked cool. i wish i had a weird passion like that. maybe i could be famous.

there was also a random song on The Edge that had a cute line in it. I wish I knew the song. It's basically a chick talking. At one point she talks about slipping into a long sleeved oversized sweater that belonged to a boy. MY FAVOURITE! Every girl must love this, especially when it still kind of smells like boy cologne. So cute.

that is all for now. i dread what is about to happen. as of 830 tomorrow morning, my life will once again turn into a series of deadlines, papers, books, and stress. ugh. not looking forward to it. so ready to be done this program.
ladies and gentlemen, i give you the raddest chick alive:

♥ soleil