my little japanese cigarette case

03 January 2008

i needed to be inspired today.
this was next to impossible.
i went on a mad hunt for new music... and to my amazement, I FOUND IT.
the title of this post is one of the songs by the band "Spoon".
i think i heart them a little.

maybe tomorrow will be more exciting - although i did get called in to work. not sure how i feel about that given my circumstance.

i have been watching more Dexter... with my buddy... we are sooooo into it. heh.
some lines are kind of lame... e.g. the box of donuts was empty and dexter thinks "just like me" -- uhhh ok.
in other news, today was pay day x2 - oh the joys of having two jobs. yay. maybe i will buy meself something purty.

heard on the radio: 85 year old man caught speeding at 161 km/h in his Oldsmobile on the 407 has become the "oldest person snagged to date by Ontario's stringent crackdown on street racers and highway speed demons". HAHAHAHAHA. This man is my hero.

until tomorrow, friends.
keep fit and have fun.