wake up and love me baby

02 January 2008

My alarm failed me this morning.

Utter devasation. Balls, if you may.

By some fluke my internal clock woke me up at the exact time I should have been sitting down in my chair at work. dang. I don't understand how it happened.. the a.m. setting was right.. the radio volume was up.. and the knob was still in the "on" position. It was as if this Hello kitty shaped piece of technology decided that it would just let me sleep soundly. Thanks, god.

It all worked out though.. work was NOT busy at all.
I spent most of my shift chatting and reading online celebrity gossip and eye weekly with a few orders in between.

I heard on the radio today that MUSIC IS ADDICTIVE! aahhhhhhh! watch out. haha. But seriously --> check it.

I played the ever so popular Brain Age last night. Apparently, mine was 70. Then I realized that the higher you go, the less ideal it is. So i continued plowing through the games, testing my mathematical skills (like a nerd), and PHEW, I got myself down to 24. The ideal is 20. This game is actually packed with tons of little activities that are supposed to activate your prefrontal cortex. NEUROSCIENCE is amazing, isn't it? Ha! Brought to you by Nintendo.

I'm on the hunt for a pink Nintendo DS and/or a Wii. Help. Please. Ok, thanks.