if you're going to name a food, give it a name that makes it sound delicious! ~ ratatouille

01 January 2008

it's the first day of the year.


the year of the rat.

it's that time of year when everyone will be 100% dedicated to the gym or whatever their new year's resolution, only to have it fade away by february or march... (who are you kidding, january 2!) hah.

i do not have a resolution which is good because i don't want to admit defeat. that might be a resolution in itself, but eff you, i don't do these philosophical arguments.

the snow was pretty last night. it was perfect packing snow for making a snowman. i made a heart. i am so lame.

because i woke up late today, i intend to do nothing for the rest of the day. i will eat, indulge in more sleep, and probably watch like 100 hours of Dexter. dang. i love that show.

what's a girl to say?

i have nothing smart or witty to write anymore.

i leave you with a picture of friends.