I am, I am, I am

04 January 2008

Victoria Lucas... writing about Esther...
Her story makes sense.
A woman growing into herself.
Imagine that.
When there is so much opportunity in the world, a woman is questioning herself and the world she lives in... and sadly ruins herself.. it's avoidable though..
she's affected by external factors... internal ones
Questioning life. Questioning emotions. Questioning self.
That's why the story makes sense.
Step one is brutal honesty.
It's amazing.
She literally drove herself insane - but she left behind her story. Even though it's twisted, you can learn from it.
Thanks Sylvia.

Ok, so that was just a thought about something I read a LONG time ago. It popped into my head today.
I had a great day, I think. Even though it was just work. And work again tomorrow, but hang out time with friends after that. Yay.
I spooked myself completely thinking about Dexter again. Only halfway through season 1. Where the eff was I when this show came out? Apparently I don't watch much cable television. That is ok though, I like this dvd action. Seriously though, I'm constantly thinking about clues in this show (k. --> sorry I spooked you too!) hehe.
Poor Britney is all over the news. Poor Britney? Maybe she wanted this? But sucks to lose the chance to see your kids! Sigh. I hate it when I don't get to see my kids.
I go now.