the downward spiral

07 January 2008

It's just as I predicted.

Life, as I know it, is over. It won't come back until April. And then it will be over again from May to July. one university degree wasn't enough stress for me, I had to go get another.
what have i gotten myself into?
i feel suffocated. nervous. unsure. what if i had just stayed in tune with my writing and then maybe done some photography? but i went and chose science... science. lives. caring.
wait no, i don't believe in what ifs.. i'm meant to be here.
I'm going to be up late tonight - not doing work - just not being able to sleep. I'm scared, and I can't actually figure out why.. why is confidence in knowledge so hard to come by?
it's annoying.
pediatrics. here we go.
how did you find me.

i need music.

take me back