reasons to be grateful for the rain

20 August 2008

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There have been 674 millimetres of rain as of Friday morning,
compared to a total of 592 in 2007.

There's been rainfall, or at least
traces of rain, on more than half the days (39 out of 69) since June 1.

Trees: Toronto trees are greener and less stressed this year, says
Richard Ubbens, director of forestry for Toronto. "You see them framed against
the sky and they look terrific."

There's lots of photosynthesis going
on, he says. "So it means they are storing lots of sugar and starches in the
root system. It bodes well for the forest." The rain is especially beneficial
for the city's older trees, which are weaker and can succumb more readily to

Lake levels: Up, up, up compared to the well-below-average
levels of recent years. It's been a boon for shipping, recreational boaters and
marinas. Shipping loads – cargo such as grain and iron ore – in the Great Lakes
returned to normal this year after reduced capacity in 2007, when loads were 500
to 1,000 tonnes lighter, the Shipping Federation of Canada reports.

relationship is sensitive: for every centimetre decline in water level, shipping
loads are reduced by 50 tonnes. Lake Ontario water levels increased 33
centimetres over last year, and Lake Superior, 42.

Air Quality: The air
is cleaner when pollutants – ground level ozone, nitrogen dioxide and fine
particulate matter – are washed away by the rain and fresh breezes. In 2005, the
worst on record, Toronto had 48 smog-warning days. By this time last year,
Toronto had recorded 24 smog-advisory days. This year there have been just 10,
according to Environment Canada.

Apples, Peaches, Pears: There's been
great growth on fruit trees, as long as orchards haven't been in the path of
hailstorms, which devastated this year's crop for some growers. The 2008 pear
crop should be double last year's. Peaches and apples are expected to be larger
than average this year because of abundant rain.

"But we've had enough,"
says Brian Gilroy, of Ontario Apple Growers. "It can stop. What we need now is a
bit of heat and sunshine to raise the sugar levels in the fruit."

trees in Simcoe have grown about a metre this season. "Tremendous, some of the
greatest I've seen," says John Cline, associate professor of horticulture at the
University of Guelph.

Irrigation: Fruit trees need about 25 millimetres
of rain a week to thrive, and rain is more effective than the same amount of
irrigation, Cline says. On cool, rainy days less moisture is lost through
evaporation – it's generally hotter and dryer when irrigation is required.

Brenda Lammens, an asparagus grower in Norfolk County, says not having
to irrigate has helped offset the increased cost of fuel. Lammens, chair of the
Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association, estimates that laying
irrigation pipes and other costs involved could add 20 per cent to a farmer's
expenses in a dry summer.

Forest Fires: This has been one of the lowest
seasons in 50 years. There were 181 fires from April to August in Ontario this
year, compared to 799 during the same period in 2007; 410 hectares have burned
in 2008 compared to 40,000 hectares in 2007. However, there are some ecological
benefits to forest fires, notes fire information officer Lindsay Munroe, of the
Forest Fire Management Centre in Sudbury: a species like the Jack pine needs
fire to open its cones and spread its seeds, and fire can stimulate new growth
in tall-grass prairie and oak savannah areas while controlling invasive pests.

West Nile Virus: With the cooler temperatures linked to all the rain,
the risk of the virus – transmitted by infected mosquitoes – is low this year,
says Dr. Howard Shapiro, associate medical officer of health for Toronto. There
have been no cases of West Nile in humans so far in 2008, no birds have tested
positive, and only two samples of mosquitoes have tested positive.

Power: Each degree above 35°C can increase demand for electricity by 450
megawatts, the energy needed to illuminate 4.5 million incandescent light bulbs.
Cloud cover can reduce demand by 1,000 MW – the energy to run 500,000
energy-efficient air conditioners. Peak demand for electricity in 2008 is 3,000
MW less than the peak demand in 2006, the Independent Electricity System
Operator (which monitors electricity consumption) reports – that's about the
electricity demand for a city twice the size of Mississauga. The wet weather –
and more water in dams – has also contributed to increased production from
Ontario's hydroelectric providers. Hydro production this May, June and July was
2.2 million megawatt-hours higher than the same three months in 2007. That's
enough electricity to power a city 1.5 times the size of Barrie for a year.

Wildflowers: Wildflowers have evolved to cope with changes in moisture
and sunlight in their native area, says Carole Ann Lacroix, a botanist and
curator of the Ontario Agricultural College Herbarium in Guelph. Generally, they
are tolerant and hardy. With lots of rain, it's been a good year for
moisture-loving plants like ostrich ferns. But wild geranium and wild phlox, now
in bloom, are also doing well, as are the purple-flowered New England astor and
goldenrod. She's been digging them out of her garden, along with wild bergamot.
"They are huge, producing as much seed as possible – they've been taking over
and overshadowing a lot of other plants."

Gardeners: Joy all around.
"The vegetables have done incredibly well," says Cathie Cox, director of
horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden. "I have potatoes the size of my
feet in my allotment garden." She notes vegetables that haven't traditionally
done well in southern Ontario, such as broad beans, are thriving. At the
botanical garden, the flowers are magnificent, she adds, and trees that appeared
doomed have found new life. "We were considering replacing the Amur cork tree –
it had dieback – but no matter how much you irrigate, it's not the same as a
cleansing downpour."

There you have it. It's always nice to read something positive about a topic that everyone finds so depressing.

Spring is here ♥

20 April 2008

What a beautiful day today...
End it with an awesome night out on the patio..

Here are the candles that lit the night:

Probably the reason I stay up too late....

17 April 2008

Crafty goodness ♥

I've been loving this weather lately!! Going outside A LOT.

So the other day, I was strolling through Winners and some home decorating store with my friend when I stumbled across these candle holders:

I've seen them many times before, but this time they intrigued me. Since my friend loves crafts and knows how to do a lot of mosaic stuff, I asked her if she could make this... dumb question.. she's a genius. We proceeded to Michael's where we bought the necessary supplies, and off we went back to her house and started on this project. She wanted to experiment with something new... but I found a pic of it that already exists!

Things you should know:
Glueing glass pieces onto glass cannot be done with white glue, tacky glue, or crazy glue. YOU MUST USE A HOT GLUE GUN.

Glueing onto rounded surfaces isn't as easy as it may seem. Good luck!

STAY TUNED FOR THE FINAL PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!! It needed to dry and be cleaned off and I had to scoot off to work!


15 April 2008


i want to live life like a photograph

09 March 2008

One month ago, I was here.
One month ago, all these new things didn't exist!

Well first off, Happy belated Valentines day. Here is a picture for you:

Second of all: I am leaving! Yes, moving far away in May. CANNOT WAIT.
I will obviously have to up the creativity on this good ol' blog while I am gone to give all of my friends updates of my experience away.

I have nothing to say right now except that when I am stressed and there's too much going on or too much needs to be done, my mind wanders to an unhappy place. I am going to get out soon though. Don't you worry.

Here is what has been making my bum shake recently.

USS "Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole"

Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes"
this video just rocks.

Good night.

p.s. Daylight savings time actually sucks a lot.

Work it.

04 February 2008

as far as boyfriends go, Paulie Bleeker is totally boss. he's the cheese to my macaroni

27 January 2008

Enough of this.
What am I putting myself through?
I keep watching these movies and reading this stuff that makes me want to relate it all to my life. I really have to stop being so egocentric. The world clearly does not revolve around me.
Or does it? Heh.
A preview for a movie reminded me of something I once wrote in my journal. A friend, whom I adored, was leaving. Leaving far, far away. And I started writing. I wrote that no matter where we were in the world, the same moon lit our night and the same sun warmed us through the day. No matter what, we’d be connected that way. And I guess it’s true. Even when you lose people, they’re not that far away. It’s not that hard to stay in touch with people. You live on the same planet, there is always a way to find someone you care about.
Which brings me to my next series of thoughts. Why am I so obsessively in love with lovey-dovey things that make my heart ache. I wondered if there is such thing as wearing your heart on your sleeve without getting bruises and stains on it (Haha, reminds me of the Kenny vs. Spenny episode where they try not to stain their white suits – love those guys). To me, the opposite is un-human – to completely close off all feelings and emotions is, well, to feel empty.
So here I am – the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve; the girl who looks for the perfect moments in life that make up her fairy tale; the girl who is kind of lost in a dream world. I don’t want to get out. Reality is all around me and how I choose to live my life is my business. I’ll be analytical, picky, adoring, caring, ridiculously blinded, head-over-heels in love, and then some. It’s not that bad, I don’t think. Just to find a way to maybe make it last? I don’t want to lose hope in people, or in love. I want to keep living a rational reality, but with my own sprinkle of magic added in.


Juno said what I’ve always been afraid to think about “I need to know it’s possible for two people to stay happy together forever”

Why do we live in such a time that this is so fucking impossible? What is out there that people think they will magically find? For years and years, people grew up with the preconceived notion that they were going to get married and have a family, dad would go to work, mom would cook and take care of the kids, and they’d live happily ever after. No fucking way is that what I was ever expecting for my life, but come on, at least to just be happy with one other person in this world for a period of time longer than in between eyebrow waxes would be a little of the wonderful for me.
The response Juno got from her Dad was great: “In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with.”
Here you have it. I want the boy who will think the sun shines out my ass when I’m a stress-ball and looking like shit. That’s classic.
Now what if you’ve already met that person in the past (like Juno did)? How do some people admit defeat and ask for someone back? I can’t imagine smushing my pride in my back pocket, standing in front of someone I’ve let leave my life, and completely put myself at their mercy. How does it happen?
How do you write yourself back into someone’s life when you never really wrote the perfect happy ending together anyway?
Second chances. I’ve never asked for a second chance.
On the other hand, sometimes people come back into your life by accident. You feel a bit of nostalgia, a person mentions a name, you start to think. Yes, just like I said before, it is easy to stay in touch with people who have left your life. It’s happened to me twice this week. One was an old boyfriend, and the other was a family friend. By pure chance, I googled the friend and got the email. One quick email to say hello opened a whirlwind of memories.
Every moment that passes you by goes into your memory bank. The people you choose to spend your moments with engrave themselves in your brain. Have you ever seen “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”? Well, let me tell you. Tonight, I watched it again because I’ve been thinking so much. The bottom line of the movie – no matter how much you try to erase someone from your memory, they’ll find a way back if they’re meant to be there. So cliché, don’t you think? I think it’s true though.

End Note:
it's been decided that the one boy in this world who is meant for me will have the balls to say "don't be a crazy, i love you" and put up with my shit and not run away. brought to you by one of the bestest advice givers.
the end.

new music for this week --> every song on the Juno soundtrack, plus also CSS and Kaiser Chiefs.

blast from the past

21 January 2008

i spoke to an old friend of mine today.
it was strange catching up with someone i didn't really think i'd ever talk to again.
it made me think about how much has changed in 4 years.
i've moved on to working on a second degree, he's moved onto a career and living on his own.
he reminded me of certain things that i was "like" and it made me giggle. i don't think i'm the same girl anymore. i'm more ambitious and mature in life matters, but i'm definitely more immature in terms of my sense of humour.
it was fun to chat. definitely.
i'll do it again sometime.
we even have the same car! haha. car soul.
anyway, that is my thought for the night.
i must leave and prepare for my long day ahead.

let's get movin' into action!

20 January 2008

haven't written for 10 days.
I've been busy.
I realized I love two things: owls & Tim Armstrong's cd.
My new owl lamp is the perfect addition to my room.
Check out the song "into action" - tim armstrong:

love. ♥

FUNNY THING TO HAPPEN THIS WEEKEND: lady on the phone, bird swoops up to start flying... misses her nose by an inch... lady keeps walking without a flinch. My hero.
The end.

ok. back to work. i'll be up for a while!

take me back, take me back

10 January 2008

No, this isn't a plea to anyone. Ha! Puh-lease.
I've been reminiscing. It's fascinating to rediscover yourself through your old junk. I recently got my room painted, rearranged the furniture and de-cluttered. Yes, finally. It's starting to feel like tranquility is taking over my room. I kind of miss the old look, but this will be just as wonderful, if not better.
I found journals. Journals! Words and thoughts that I had in my head at strange times in my life. Damn. I wrote some good shit. But it's helping me learn what I've been doing wrong. I've been sabotaging certain aspects of my life that I thought were out of my control. Turns out, I have more control than I thought. Rad.
Also sad because I may have missed out on things that I shouldn't have. Oh well.
So, as it stands right now, I am a new girl.
I wrote this crazy list of things I wanted to get done - well guess what? I've done a bunch of them! I must have written this a long time ago, because getting a tattoo was on the list and I don't really think I want one of those. But a long time ago, I wanted everything -- tattoos, piercings, hair colours, etc. I'm ok with the way my skin looks for now. :) We'll see how I feel.
I was in a daze yesterday -- I took care of a 15 year old and a 4 year old with cancer. It hurt my heart. Why, why, why should it happen to such little people?
That is all for now.. must get back to organizing my stuff. Tomorrow is homework day. oh my.
Maybe I'll make a new list.. a more mature one :)
Sweet dreams.


08 January 2008

warm day.
wanted to wear sunglasses.. even though there was no sun. just for fun.
skool = ohmygodkillme. overwhelming.
can't even formulate thoughts.
5am wakeup.

the downward spiral

07 January 2008

It's just as I predicted.

Life, as I know it, is over. It won't come back until April. And then it will be over again from May to July. one university degree wasn't enough stress for me, I had to go get another.
what have i gotten myself into?
i feel suffocated. nervous. unsure. what if i had just stayed in tune with my writing and then maybe done some photography? but i went and chose science... science. lives. caring.
wait no, i don't believe in what ifs.. i'm meant to be here.
I'm going to be up late tonight - not doing work - just not being able to sleep. I'm scared, and I can't actually figure out why.. why is confidence in knowledge so hard to come by?
it's annoying.
pediatrics. here we go.
how did you find me.

i need music.

take me back

the secret

06 January 2008

about to embark in the hype of 'the secret' - book edition, not movie. as with almost every book-turned-into-movie, i prefer to know the book first.. the movie will most likely ruin the quality of the book.
learning how to create a joyful life? ha! kind of pathetic if you ask me, but i like to be pathetic sometimes to see if there is anything to learn. to be continued...

driving makes me think. driving to and from work is the most wonderfully dull 20 minutes each and every day. i have lots of open road and field to look at. whoop de doo. so i listen to a lot of music and radio.
today i thought about the fine sport of extreme pumpkin growing. Yes, it does exist. There are people in the world who devote themselves to pump-ing their pump-kins (heyyy) full of steroids or something to make the biggest, baddest, orange - uhhhh... fruit or vegetable???. i think it's a fruit - it has seeds.. wicked cool. i wish i had a weird passion like that. maybe i could be famous.

there was also a random song on The Edge that had a cute line in it. I wish I knew the song. It's basically a chick talking. At one point she talks about slipping into a long sleeved oversized sweater that belonged to a boy. MY FAVOURITE! Every girl must love this, especially when it still kind of smells like boy cologne. So cute.

that is all for now. i dread what is about to happen. as of 830 tomorrow morning, my life will once again turn into a series of deadlines, papers, books, and stress. ugh. not looking forward to it. so ready to be done this program.
ladies and gentlemen, i give you the raddest chick alive:

♥ soleil

1,2,3,4 tell me that you love me more

"sleepless, long nights. that was what my youth was for. oh, teenage hopes arrive at your door left you with nothing, but they want some more oh, oh, oh, you're changing your heart. oh, oh, oh, you know who you are. sweetheart, bitterheart, now i can't tell you apart. cozy and cold, put the horse before the cart. those teenage hopes, who have tears in their eyes. too scared to own up to one little lie. oh, oh, oh"

"Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life
Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads
I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?"

"As the years they pass us by
We stay young through each others eyes
And no matter how old we get
Its okay as long as I got you babe"

"Girls you know you better watch out
Some guys, some guys are only about
That thing, that thing, that thing"

Good ol' 99.9

sweet dreams


love the little things in life...

I am, I am, I am

04 January 2008

Victoria Lucas... writing about Esther...
Her story makes sense.
A woman growing into herself.
Imagine that.
When there is so much opportunity in the world, a woman is questioning herself and the world she lives in... and sadly ruins herself.. it's avoidable though..
she's affected by external factors... internal ones
Questioning life. Questioning emotions. Questioning self.
That's why the story makes sense.
Step one is brutal honesty.
It's amazing.
She literally drove herself insane - but she left behind her story. Even though it's twisted, you can learn from it.
Thanks Sylvia.

Ok, so that was just a thought about something I read a LONG time ago. It popped into my head today.
I had a great day, I think. Even though it was just work. And work again tomorrow, but hang out time with friends after that. Yay.
I spooked myself completely thinking about Dexter again. Only halfway through season 1. Where the eff was I when this show came out? Apparently I don't watch much cable television. That is ok though, I like this dvd action. Seriously though, I'm constantly thinking about clues in this show (k. --> sorry I spooked you too!) hehe.
Poor Britney is all over the news. Poor Britney? Maybe she wanted this? But sucks to lose the chance to see your kids! Sigh. I hate it when I don't get to see my kids.
I go now.

my little japanese cigarette case

03 January 2008

i needed to be inspired today.
this was next to impossible.
i went on a mad hunt for new music... and to my amazement, I FOUND IT.
the title of this post is one of the songs by the band "Spoon".
i think i heart them a little.

maybe tomorrow will be more exciting - although i did get called in to work. not sure how i feel about that given my circumstance.

i have been watching more Dexter... with my buddy... we are sooooo into it. heh.
some lines are kind of lame... e.g. the box of donuts was empty and dexter thinks "just like me" -- uhhh ok.
in other news, today was pay day x2 - oh the joys of having two jobs. yay. maybe i will buy meself something purty.

heard on the radio: 85 year old man caught speeding at 161 km/h in his Oldsmobile on the 407 has become the "oldest person snagged to date by Ontario's stringent crackdown on street racers and highway speed demons". HAHAHAHAHA. This man is my hero.

until tomorrow, friends.
keep fit and have fun.

wake up and love me baby

02 January 2008

My alarm failed me this morning.

Utter devasation. Balls, if you may.

By some fluke my internal clock woke me up at the exact time I should have been sitting down in my chair at work. dang. I don't understand how it happened.. the a.m. setting was right.. the radio volume was up.. and the knob was still in the "on" position. It was as if this Hello kitty shaped piece of technology decided that it would just let me sleep soundly. Thanks, god.

It all worked out though.. work was NOT busy at all.
I spent most of my shift chatting and reading online celebrity gossip and eye weekly with a few orders in between.

I heard on the radio today that MUSIC IS ADDICTIVE! aahhhhhhh! watch out. haha. But seriously --> check it.

I played the ever so popular Brain Age last night. Apparently, mine was 70. Then I realized that the higher you go, the less ideal it is. So i continued plowing through the games, testing my mathematical skills (like a nerd), and PHEW, I got myself down to 24. The ideal is 20. This game is actually packed with tons of little activities that are supposed to activate your prefrontal cortex. NEUROSCIENCE is amazing, isn't it? Ha! Brought to you by Nintendo.

I'm on the hunt for a pink Nintendo DS and/or a Wii. Help. Please. Ok, thanks.

if you're going to name a food, give it a name that makes it sound delicious! ~ ratatouille

01 January 2008

it's the first day of the year.


the year of the rat.

it's that time of year when everyone will be 100% dedicated to the gym or whatever their new year's resolution, only to have it fade away by february or march... (who are you kidding, january 2!) hah.

i do not have a resolution which is good because i don't want to admit defeat. that might be a resolution in itself, but eff you, i don't do these philosophical arguments.

the snow was pretty last night. it was perfect packing snow for making a snowman. i made a heart. i am so lame.

because i woke up late today, i intend to do nothing for the rest of the day. i will eat, indulge in more sleep, and probably watch like 100 hours of Dexter. dang. i love that show.

what's a girl to say?

i have nothing smart or witty to write anymore.

i leave you with a picture of friends.